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Creating great experiences

Solution design

Here are a few examples of design projects I have led


Incentives and Promotions

for IBM Business Partners

IBM Business Partners could not easily find the right special offers to help them close deals.

I designed an experience that displays the relevant incentives and promotions to the individual user, based on profile attributes, country and product affiliations. I led delivery of the solution in the web context of IBM business partner sales tasks.

Use of IBM special offers by Business Partners in local markets increased significantly.

Information Architecture and Sitemap

for IBM PartnerWorld

IBM business partners were confused about where they were in the context of thousands of "PartnerWorld" web pages, and how to navigate to related content.

I mapped the site content into categories that resonated with users based on direct partner research; set up the appropriate navigation trails, and designed user- and Google-facing sitemaps.

Over 100,000 users across 90+ locales used the IBM PartnerWorld site map and navigation trails.

Deal Workspace

for IBM Business Partners

IBM partners have to enter the same data into multiple transaction systems, and there is no comprehensive view of deal status from opportunity identification to order to delivery to maintenance.

I designed a User Interface to display data from multiple backend transaction systems in a seamless web experience, based on the user's product affiliations, country and other profile attributes, to provide partners with a comprehensive view of their deals and status.

My design was used to secure funding for the IBM CIO team to code a working prototype for further development.