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Structuring effective content


Here are a few selected examples of content projects I have led


Content inventory optimization

for IBM Watson business units

The IBM Watson IoT content marketing team did not have a complete or accurate view of how their assets were performing in market. They wanted this data to inform what types of assets they needed to invest in creating to support their latest Buyer Journeys.

I created an inventory of client-facing Watson IoT-related assets in use by the Watson IoT marketing and sales teams. I improved the assets' meta data, and tagged the assets for metrics reporting by campaign. With the metrics tagging in place, I worked with the IT team to automate the asset inventory reporting process to an on-demand download pre-formatted with the data in context. This reduced complexity and improved accuracy of asset management by eliminating shared manually maintained spreadsheets.

By optimizing our assets and linking them together using specific Calls to Action based on our campaign Buyer Journeys, Watson IoT asset comsumption by clients increased significantly.

As a result, we were able to understand asset consumption trends and gaps, and maximize the Watson IoT marketing collateral budget.

I then applied the same approach to the thousands of other Watson-branded assets, including Watson Health, Watson Customer Engagement and Watson Financial Services. 

This asset optimization work resulted in a much clearer picture of how Watson assets are performing, reducing maintenance by eliminating underperforming assets, allowing the team to focus their efforts and investments on filling the actual gaps in their buyer journeys. 

Asset engagement metrics for Watson business units reached an all time high by 2018.

New asset development

for Watson IoT Platform

The Watson IoT leadership team needed a new white paper discussing the value of a specific IoT solution for facilities management, in a very short time.

I took raw content from an internal case study in progress on improved water quality testing processes at IBM's historic Hursley research and development facility, and edited it into an external white paper format. I then oversaw the layout and review processes through to final approval.

The "Healthy water, healthy workers" paper was delivered on time and on budget, and linked via ibm.com/iot.

Translation management

for Watson campaign assets

The Watson IoT and Watson Customer Engagement content marketing teams needed to offer native language campaign assets in key markets including China, Japan, France and Germany.

I engaged a translation vendor and led adoption of a standard process for offering new Watson campaign assets to IBM geography marketing leads. As the assets were selected by campaign strategists in specific countries, I oversaw the translation process from estimate to delivery and publish.

I tracked the estimates vs. budget to ensure we were making the most of IBM's translation dollars allocated to Watson products.